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In late 2019 / early 2020 we undertook a project to sell 300 engraved pavers to be laid on the pavements either side of Pooley ‘New’ Bridge. In total we sold 301 and after costs will have raised around £50,000 for a community fund to help fund projects and causes that benefit the community / village life.

Ideally we’d have liked to hold community meeting to seek your feedback on the types of projects we could support. However given Covid, we’ve had to resort to digital – so our apologies.

Join Us

We need you! If you’d be interested in becoming a trustee on the community fund, please do get in touch via pooleybridgefund@gmail.com

What is the fund for (funding criteria)?

  • The grants will be available to organisations within Barton and Pooley Bridge. The fund is for the development of the community and the ethos or applications will centre around that.
  • Applications can be for initiatives, community projects or events.
  • The application must address an identifiable community need and result in identifiable benefits to the community of Barton and Pooley Bridge which are exclusively charitable.

If you have a project or cause in mind, here’s an idea of what we can offer:

  • Up to £500 for an individual
  • Up to £2500 for an event or project that celebrates and /or enhances village life
  • The fund aims to allocate a maximum of £5000 per annum in total – this is to ensure the longevity of the scheme.

Our aim is that, with legacy funding, donations and future fundraising events, the initial £50,000 raised will be the basis of a long-lasting community fund that will extend well beyond the initial 10 year plan.

To apply, simply complete the form below or email pooleybridgefund@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you

Mark Vause
Chair, Pooley Bridge Community Fund


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